After 14 years experience in the industry, I identify this as a great framework to try out.

What it does

Store and Process huge entities or amount of data. Also, it used for Business Intelligence. Very scalable.

How we built it

Using maven (mvn)

Challenges we ran into

This is going to challenge the current architecture and human resources. The main aim is to discover a new path in technology able to optimize the growing demands and data in the current ROUTEONE Application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

If successful this, the application will be capable of processing much faster and efficiently data. Every week more data is generated. More contracts, more deals, more credit applications. So there's a great need to keep up the performance and scalability in the application.

What we learned

We can store and process huge amount of data efficiently and effectively using the Hadoop Technology.

What's next for Hadoop and Big Data Technologies

Currently, it is a growing technology.

Built With

  • apache-foundation
  • apache-hive
  • apache-maven
  • apache-pig
  • apache-spark
  • big-data
  • doug-cutting
  • google
  • hadoop-hdfs
  • hadoop-mapreduce
  • hadoop-yarn
  • java
  • nosql
  • yahoo
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