We were inspired by the AXA workshop to explore the provided dataset and imagine a digitalized user experience which could enlighten customers about health symptoms, issues and drugs as well as reduce administrative processes associated to healthcare (booking an appointment, managing and fulfilling prescriptions).

What it does

We provides a HaaS (healthcare as a Service) easy to access healthcare systems to raise healthcare awareness (about issues, drugs and treatments), simplify doctor appointments and digitalize prescriptions.

How we built it

Data layer: AXA dataset, Apimedic data Tech stack: Firestore real-time document database, Firebase cloud functions (running on Node.js), mail server integration, React frontend

Challenges we ran into

Data transformation and cleaning. Limited access to health symptom/diagnosis APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Prototype of full user experience, covering from symptoms self-diagnosis, health issue awareness, medical appointment, drug prescription and prescription fulfilment.

What we learned

Healthcare data is available mostly in unstructured format and access is largely limited, which represents a challenge to the rapid development of new services.

What's next for hackzurich2018

Great event, full of interesting tech talks. The event is also very well organized!

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