Imagine – You are in the Zoo Zurich with your friend and her 5 and 7 year old kids. After two hours of car ride, without forgetting the gazillion questions about when you will finally arrive, the kids get even more frustrated in front of the penguin enclosure, because they don’t see the penguins well enough. You might realize that there is an exhibition next to the penguin enclosure, but because you are playing with your smartphone, you don’t really look at it. But then you see this barcode at the wall, you scan it with your phone and a freakishly cute penguin appears!

This is exactly where your next adventure starts! We created a virtual AR penguin guide: a cute penguin that talks to you! Kids and adults will be fascinated by it at the same time! On one hand, it will take you around the zoo to all penguin’ish stations, give you some facts about penguins. Additionally, it relates your answers to the global climate crisis that we are in right now. You will compete against the other visitors of the Zoo by assessing your score in awareness for the climate crisis by answering general knowledge questions. Moreover, your lifestyle choices will also be assessed by showing our you daily life is affecting our little cute fellows cousin’s in the wild.

If you are not happy with your score, you will still have the chance to improve it at home by taking the weekly climate-friendly challenges. On one hand, this will raise your awareness by creating an emotional bridge between a very abstract problem, the climate crisis, and you, based on scientific findings on major risk factors to penguin habitat. This will eventually let you think twice whether you really want to come by car to you next zoo visit.

 Getting started

It it rather simple, just follow the

  1. Open your project with Android Studio
  2. Connect your Google Account with your Android Studio
  3. Build, launch and enjoy
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