How it works

The app basically takes data from the Spotify API to give you information on favorite Spotify tracks of the people (who've also used the app, and checked in via the app) around your current geolocation. Simply check yourself in to the app (which determines your current lat/long location and city) and the app displays your favorite Spotify tracks as well as those of the people who checked in near you. Then you have the option to share and discover new music with your nearby friends!

Challenges I ran into

Data scraping with the Spotify API, integrating things with the Facebook API (initially, but we didn't have time to finish doing that part), UI designing with Dreamweaver

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

HTML5 geolocation, a wonderfully designed UI through Dreamweaver, getting Spotify data

What I learned

How to use the Spotify API, and a bit about the Facebook API (even though I didn't get the integration to work, I still had some fun playing around with it)

What's next for HackYSU Music App

We'd love to enable Facebook integration with the app, make it go mobile, implement some more cool algorithms to filter/select songs to share and discover with actual people you're friends with if there are too many to choose from (aka with more people using the app), and enhance the UI further to make it more interactive.

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