The main goal here is to build something like twitch, but with an interface focused to programmers. This is a simple application that does the programming part. Need to work on live streaming and screen sharing and terminal sharing similar to things like Asciinema, twitch and youtube.

The main inspiration for this project is to build a better experience than twitch or youtube for watching programming screencasts. Something that integrates directly with GitHub and provides a forking and commenting workflow that is suited specifically to Programmers.


The server side is a nodejs server running on express and apollo-graphql-express, a graphql middleware for express that supports graphql requests and resolutions. It also uses subscriptions-transport-ws for websocket based graphql subscriptions.

The client side uses relay as the graphql client, along with react, and subscriptions-transport-ws client library. It also uses graphql-subscriptions package for the pubsub implementation.

The primary language for both server and client side programming is TypeScript.

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