UCSD Course Planner App


The very first inspiration of the design of this app is that while we are using UCSD's four-year plan, webReg, or degree audit, we have experienced many difficulties that we could in a very limited expand to really make our personal course plan. For instance, four-year plan, which mostly only makes a really rough four-year plan does lead to difficulties for transfer student, or student who does have college credit before. The degree audit only generates list for one's current major, and what if one is planning to change major, or if one is undeclared, and really wants to find a way to really explore different major? We do not have access to those informations, which in fact are really important and need consideration when we are planning.

After experiencing aforementioned difficulties on our own, we decided to make such a tool that could help students make their own fittest, customized plan.


To build a more personalized, visualized long-term course planning App that fits for user's specific needs.

Front End

A demo swift project written for IOS App.

Back End

Fetch the data from the UCSD website and process them into course name, course titles, course units, course prerequisites. And to best accommodate it, we are trying our best to find a way to drop the data into different directories.

Built With

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