Playing around with things you aren't supposed to

What it does

Simple unsigned piece of software that has limited memory access to view and explore

How I built it

Using open source tool chains and cutting-edge poorly documented libraries/exploits

Challenges I ran into

A community still in its infancy and unfamiliar hardware came together to form a swarm of challenges. Everything from struggling to find proper syscalls, guidance on building a toolchain, entering the homebrew environment via hardware modding, and so much more. It might not look like we have much, but a lot of learning and research had to go in to get it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting something that runs and has some degree of interactive functionality without breaking. Having a reliable toolchain and deployment system to test builds.

What I learned

A lot about the home-brew community, a lot about the minutia of the Nintendo switch OS, and a whole lot of ways to make a console crash.

What's next for hackwitus2018_switchhomebrew

Some incredibly new (less than 3 days old) libraries that should allow us to modify the data inside more privileged applications, such as an actively running game.

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