With the increase in trend in digital payment systems, our team decided to challenge the idea of the debt machine. These clunky devices that cashiers will never cover up for, support only online payments. Many have attempted to 'fix' the debt machine introducing NFC on phones and card, but we simply believe the technology is and never will be widespread enough.

What it does

Because almost every device has a microphone and speaker our team sought to use this existing hardware to create an alternative payment platform. Picture it like Venmo but with offline functionality as well.

How we built it

Our front-end web app was made in bootstrap and javascript. The front-end connects to a back-end flask server on a Google Cloud Virtual Machine which stores data a MongoDB server also on Google Cloud

Challenges we ran into

Using the provided data over sound API proved to be quiet challenging mainly because of the lack of information provided with the docs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully implemented a solution that can transfer funds between accounts using absolutely no prior connection, and only sound.

What we learned

SDKs may be very difficult to use, and it is worth looking into the amount of documentation a given SDK comes with before jumping into a solution.

What's next for hackWestern

Getting some well-deserved sleep!

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