Meet the Parents

Moms and dads get a chance to connect with other parents:

  • who share common interests with them
  • who have kids of similar ages and
  • who are nearby!

Why it's great

  • Parenting is tough

  • Connect with other parents:

    • local support
    • And de-stress!


  • Login via facebook
  • Swipe: Right - Like, Left - Pass
  • Suggestions are based on common interests, proximity and age of kids
  • Chat with new friends and arrange meetups


The backend is developed using Maven (a build automation tool). It is split into a parent project, and four modules (models and end points). The mobile application makes use of the backend through REST services, and is developed using React native. alt tag

Business Logic


  • User: End points for getting user/child info, friends, likes and rejects
  • Recommendation: Endpoint for recommending other users who match the current user
  • Asset: Endpoints for uploading/removing media(images).

Code quality principles

Truly object oriented programming. We don't tolerate/minimize the use of:

  • Null
  • Global variables/procedure)
  • Public static/class methods or attributes
  • Implementation inheritance
  • Flow control statements (for, while, if, switch)
  • Type casting

Industry-level Quality

  • Backend: Checkstyle, FindBugs, PMD, XML validation, Maven dependencies analysis
  • Frontend: JsLint

Development process

  • Scrum
  • Commit often, release soon

Deployment pipeline

  • Development Environment

App screenshots

alt tag alt tag alt tag alt tag

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