My UniEvents App

After breaking down all the available challenges, we decided to implement a social networking application that utilized Google's Firebase databases to hold user and event information for participating universities. The way it would work is that users would be able to create events with specialized tags. Other users would be able to see all the available events and filter them based on these tags, such as professional events, events held by student organizations, or by any other group. However, only verified accounts such as company recruiters and student organization leaders would be able to create events that are sponsored by a company or a student organization. When a user is interested in an event, they are given the option to save future events or immediately decide if they are willing to attend. Our app is designed to be able to allow students and company recruiters to have a much closer relationship that benefits the community as a whole.

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posted an update

I helped create the skeleton of the project. I was new to the android platform and to the process of creating an application. However, I was able to learn over the platform and GitHub enough in order to contribute to the creation of the project.

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