Open AGI Target

Open AGI targets RISE Applicants for Short Term Installments Loans. Applicant Data allows for the Open AGI to create its own models for user input. Intuition is developed through the trends between inputs. Determines a Risk Factor of the Applicant as it accumulates multiple user entries.

AGI Purpose & Training Methodology

AGI Purpose Filter applicants based on higher Risk Factor. Reduce workload and efficiency for Elevate Employees. Allow further implementations in the future.

The program is designed to: Allow the AGI to recognize data trends. Access the Risk Factor of the Client. Prevent Fraudulent and Invalid Entries.

Typeform Integration

Purpose Ask quarries in Survey form Collects and Saves Data (.Json) Exports Data to the Program

Search Quarries Includes: Name, SSN, LinkedIn (Email) Address, Phone Number, Income Routing Number, Credit Card, CVV

Challenges we ran into

Name and Social Security Number (SSN) Data is regulated by the discretion of the government.

LinkedIn, Complete Phone Numbers, Routing Numbers, and Credit Card Information (CVV and Expiration Date) is handled by private corporations and is not publicly available.

Thus, the program data is simulated for the sake of demonstration purposes.

We were unable to properly parse our Typeform API to get the user input We used the org.json.simple library and realized that it doesn't have the proper function calls to implement our JSON data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Learning how to parse data from a dynamic JSON page into our java application Implementing the Typeform API into our and group application and learning how to create HTTP requests from an API

What's next for HACKUTD18

Implement the proper library that will parse our JSON data from an API.

Built With

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