We created an app that can help lenders get an insight to the trustworthiness of potential borrowers based on their social media.


Although there are many ways to asses the credit worthiness of borrower, social media has not been utilized as a factor. We believe that since we share so much of our lives online, a lender can look at this and determine whether their investment is more likely to be returned.

How it works

The app is an interface for the borrower to provide access to their social media posts. After evaluating their posts using sentiment analyzis, a score is given that shows their "goodness score".


Run sh build.sh to get the server started.

Run npm install in the directory: app/static/js

server.py.bak exists as a backup file in case of error


https://github.com/myint/language-check : pip install --upgrade language-check

https://github.com/tweepy/tweepy : pip install tweepy

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