For the HackUpc of this year, we decided to go one step above and get involved in videogame development.

We accepted Vueling challenge and designed a game that will allow people from all around the world to meet play, collaborate and relax when they are together waiting for their flight!


No cumbersome logins needed, just relax while waiting for your flight. Play a simple and entertaining game meant for all kinds of people and help your plane mates to be the king of your Airport! We know you might feel spellbound playing but don't worry, your flight companion will keep you updated on your flight, you'll know if it's delayed, canceled or anything that you might need. Also, make sure to investigate the app each time, you'll find new surprises related to your current destination.


The game was developed using Unity engine 2019 by Arnau Aguilar and Marc Solis. But a game alone is not a cause of thrills so Rohit Paudel and Aarón Fariña took the challenge of developing an API to give the game the ability to help people and generate a unique experience. Read Aarón Fariña's documentation on his repo to learn more about their awesome work!

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