Given our main project failed, we decided to try to find a way completely unthinkable to use Skyscanner's API, and so, we decided to use it for something completely unrelated to the company.

What it does

The developed python library provides a function that generates random numbers, basing its entropy on the fluctuations of the answers of the prizing API.

How we built it

With patience.

Usage example

import randscanner

value = randscanner.random() #Returns a random floating point number in [0, 1)


Challenges we ran into

Developing everything on the last 4 hours of the hackathon, and Python.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot of data processing on the first project, and a lot about random number generation on this project.

What we learned

Not Python :D

What's next for RandScanner

Being lost and forgoten at the bottom of our github :D

Built With

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