UPC helper bot


We developed a Telegram bot that is meant to bring a bunch of utilities from UPC's APIs closer to the UPC students, as well as new information and software.


Being past students of a degree in FIB, UPC we know there are a lot of things we would have liked to have easy access to, like schedules or availability of rooms. Now, we have the option to do something about it and build something that helps all present and future students.

What it does

Right now the bot has a set of commands implemented to help FIB students mainly, which is the following:

  • /help and /start : Show all commands available, and start the bot
  • /get_lab: Choose a building from the ones with PC laboratories available (A5, B5 and C6 currently) and obtain an image of the availability of all its lab PCs, as well as a list of all labs with how many PCs are available and until when if it is the case, or the course which is taking place and until what time
  • /get_timetable: Select a semester, choose which courses you want to take. An algorithm will run to create a schedule for you and a link to a visualiation of it will be created
  • /get_healthy: Get access to a series of useful information regarding all your healthy needs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to learn how to program a helper bot in telegram from scratch, something we had never done before. Also we managed to communicate with FIB's API to get real time data into our project.

What we learned

We learned how to better program as a team. We were able to succesfully organize our workload into equal parts and integrate everyone's work together at the end.

What's next

There is no end to the amount of useful tools that could be added to this bot in the future, from specific course group creation for the users to share knowledge and doubts to more useful algorithms that make the student's life easier.

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