Commubot is a Telegram bot serving as a proof of concept for a public transportation disturbance alert system. The user is able to ask the bot for status on a specific trip, specifying origin and destination, or register his regular commute and request information on that. The bot also notifies users of newly added disturbances that affect his regular commute.


The data is based on the Barcelona subway system, although the disturbances introduced are artificial (added by an administrator) and don't reflect real events.

Technological Stack

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Neo4j
  • Python
  • Serverless
  • Telegram Bot API

Future work

  • Development of an admin interface to interact with the API endpoints to add and remove disturbances (interface could be a different chatbot or an admin page)
  • Suggest alternative paths to avoid issues
  • Enable NLP to facilitate communication

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