Thanks to the opportunity provided by opentrends to work with sentilo, an open source IoT platform that allows us to work real information collected by multiple sensors, we were able to identify one of the biggest problems with living in the city, security. So, our main focus with this project was to identify possible risks thanks to the data provided by a diverse variety of sensors and analyze it in order to generate safe and unsafe zones, to do so.

What it does

The aim of the project was to question whether open data sets could be utilised for a bad cause. We approached the data sets thinking from the perspective of criminals and thought of the information they would like to use to influence their decisions.
Approaching the data set from the perspective of criminals should allow the authorities to manage their resources effectively and cut crime.

How we built it

We used Ionic for the web app with Angular, we also have a database powered by MongoDB. We also used node js in order to provide an smooth interaction with the Sentilo API and the telegram bot API.

Challenges we ran into

Learning the Sentilo API ,the correct analysis of the data collected from the sensors and familiarizing ourselves with basic criminal mindsets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how powerful can the open data and the IoT be.

What we learned

We learned to use Angular Js, node js and the also, we managed to program a telegram bot API.

What's next for

  • Add a database that stores historic time-series data and allows predictive analytics on potential timezones. This could be improved further if we combined with real crime statistics that.
  • Upgrade the telegram bot with more features, like the ability for a user to configure personalized alerts.
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