We love penguins. I think you already got that. Also we love hacking, and opening up mouses, and being creative. So we thought we should build a newer version of the awesome and famous Powerglove.

Our hardware is a glove that is also a mouse. It lets you do the functions of a mouse with gestures of your hand, and everything under a hackerish style.

We also built a whole penguin-based pseudo-operative system, featuring basic tools penguins use everyday, like games or internet apps.

Penguinder is the Tinder for penguins. It allows you to browse the pictures of penguins near you and keep in touch with them if you like them ;)


Built With

  • a-glove
  • c++
  • love
  • penguins
  • qmake
  • qt
  • sfml
  • switches
  • wires
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