The main goal of this application is to provide immediate support for people who are in dangerous situations for which special services, such as the police or medical support, may not arrive in time. The app uses GPS to locate all nearby users, and web sockets to transmit live data about the state of the user base.

Each registered user is marked blue as a Supporter, that is someone who is able to show up and help other people in need. In case of emergency, users are able to trigger an Alert, turning their marker red and notifying nearby users about the situation.

When in an emergency, the users are able to answer simple Yes/No questions (are you injured/under attack, is there open access to your location) - these get transmitted to nearby Supporters who are better informed about the situation on their way.

The application allows marking skills that may be useful for providing support, such as first aid or lifeguard experience - this is taken into account when notifying nearby Supporters about a particular emergency. Likewise, users are also able to mark if they have physical or mental disabilities which could be a potential cause of the Alert.

Both the Supporters and the Alerted are able to call emergency services from the app if they are required. Otherwise, the Alerted user is able to mark their Emergency as resolved once one or more Supporters arrive at their location.

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