Inspiration: The three of us love travelling, and we believe that this passion can connect people and create a community. We also believe that everyone deserves to follow their passion and enjoy the beauties this world has to offer. However, people who are visually impaired cannot do that easily. Therefore, the idea was to create an app that would connect visually impaired people with travellers that are willing to share their vision and describe their travel to their partner.

What it does: The main idea is to pair travellers who are visually impaired with fully sighted people so that they can travel together. One part of our website uses TypeForm’s Form API to collect the details of travelers, including their language, chosen destination and available span of days from a given date. As soon as the details are collected, and by giving us their names, we can match them up with a random potential partner and provide the flight details for the common destination the pair has chosen.

How we built it: We built a database using NodeJS and MongoDB, and using TypeForm’s Form API and webhooks, and by collecting the details of travellers, we automatically stored those details into the database. We have also built a server using NodeJS (Express framework), which uses a matching algorithm to identify potential travel partners, and return it to the users. On the frontend we used HTML5, CSS and Javascript to build the main website. We have also made use of Skyscanner’s API to get the best flight deals for the recommended dates for the travelling pair.

Challenges we faced: The main challenge we faced was manipulating our database to retrieve the records, automatically storing them with TypeForm’s webhooks, as well as displaying and matching partners whenever it is requested from our website. Another challenge was connecting our back end with front end part of the project, which was something we were unfamiliar in.

Accomplishments we are happy with: We are really excited to have learnt so much about integrating backend with frontend and using databases and server/client API calls. We have also managed to use some really cool API’s provided by Skyscanner and TypeForm.

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