Many of us recently have been walking and going outside to take a breath and get some exercise since going to the gym, and social gatherings are prohibited. In the summer, some of us would bike just for the fun of it. On the news, we have seen many small businesses have to shut down and go bankrupt since they lost all sources of income. With the combination of these two ideas, we thought of making something that would benefit both these groups and overall create something beneficial for everyone.

What it does

MealWheel creates an alternative way for restaurants to deliver to customers by sending cyclists that are already planning on going for a ride and getting money for it. This links restaurants, cyclists, and customers by creating a better sense of community. Instead of biking for the fun of it or simply to exercise, cyclists could do it for money and to help small businesses. Likewise, instead of a business not being able to deliver, they can now adapt to the new environment by paying cyclists to deliver in a more affordable way.

How we built it

We deployed with Firebase and used HTML, CSS(bootstrap), and Javascript to create the website. We created a website each member was designated a set of pages that they would work on and polish and we would then show everyone and discuss any changes that need to be made.

Challenges we ran into

There are many challenges that we all faced. For example, one of us was making forms for the first time and had to learn how to format and create an ascetically pleasing form. With some suggestions, he ended up learning bootstrap which was something new and challenging for him.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In general, I think we are all proud of the final outcome. Many of us also were using GitHub and the push and pull features for the first time and now understand it much better which was very exciting. To make the form, a member also used bootstrap which they had never heard of or used which made making the form more appealing much quicker and they were proud of learning something new. We were also proud of our communication and honesty, for example, when something did not look right, such as the footer or the form, we were direct and made sure that everyone knew what to work on and how to do it.


For the purpose of this project, we used a variety of wide ranged collaborative methods that helped us co-ordinate to make the best possible project. We used GitHub for code collaboration - laying out an easy way to send each other code. We also used a shared Firebase project so we could all observe and edit the backend. Finally, we used the Jira Board - using the AGILE development method, we had a board that helped tell us how to do the work, when to do the work, and who should do the work in order to make the best possible project collaboratively. In terms of communication, the Discord chat and voice call functionality helped us enormously.

What's next for MealWheel

For the next steps, we could include many things to make the process more advanced and also convenient. For cyclists, we could set distances or times for how long they would like to go for and try to find restaurants based on those requirements. This would make the customization a lot better and helpful for cyclists who sign up. In addition, we would add a customer page and give them the option to decide when they would want their food (after the food has been made). This will mean cyclists in a certain radius will be given a notification and time at which the customers want to receive their food so the cyclist can make the decision of whether they want to accept or decline.

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