In our dorm at UMD, we have always had troubles with students leaving their clothes in the washer and dryer. We wanted to create an app/website to be able to schedule a time of day to do laundry. If we ended up developing the app, we would have it have a sign-up function as well as a reminder function that would remind the user that they have to do their laundry soon or that their laundry is almost done!

What it does

This is a website that displays the dorms on campus at UMD, which lets the user pick which dorm they are in and lets them schedule a time to do their laundry based on their dorm. This is only functional for 1 dorm right now.

How we built it

We created a REST API using node.js and express that handles requests from a client. It was implemented in a way to easily allow for the eventual expansion to android or ios apps, using the same backend API. We used an SQL databse to store and serve information about our clients

Challenges we ran into

Node.js and SQL working together (lol) Backend work Javascript being asynchronous (Especially when we're relying on the result of a query from SQL)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully created a fully functional backend and (mostly) functional frontend that allows for users to easily access the relevant information.

What we learned

We learned that js sucks (lol jk). We learned how to integrate the backend with the front end to make everything work.

What's next for hackUMBC

We'll probably end up continuing production of this project to create a more robust and better looking application for our dorm.

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