First Hackathon Project at HackUMass on 4-11-15


  • Richard Cui
  • Diane Tam
  • SeihakRithy Muth

Basic Project Goals:

  • 4 players, 2 per team
  • Playable over local network

Stretch Project Goals:

  • Restart game
  • Win condition
  • Hosting on server
  • Pass data using JSON
  • Rules enforcement

The story of our first hackathon

On Friday, we were playing chess: Chess

But we didn't stop there, we stayed up all night playing Settlers of Catan(I won, by the way): Settlers of Catan

Without much sleep, we attend our first Hackathon: Richard

Our lead programmer, Richard Cui(above), with the help of Monster drinks wrote thousand lines of code without much sleep: Monster

Our front-end programmer, Diane Tam(in short sleeve, next to my pillow), designed the most beautiful interface I've ever seen: Programming

And this is me, SeihakRithy Muth, after being awake for more than 48 hours: Rithy

I'd like to thanks all the sponsors and organizers of HackUMass for giving us such a great opportunity and a great time! We really would love to be there for the demo but unfortunately, we have other commitment at 4PM, especially Diane and I as we have to attend a mandatory training as part of our job. I hope you like our entry, though!

What did we make?

A team-based game of chess called Bughouse. Bughouse is a game of 4 players, 2 on each team. Regular chess rules apply, except when a piece is captured, the capturer gives the piece to their ally, which can then place the piece at any point during their turn on their board. It is a game of strategy, tactics and a lot of chess pieces traveling between the boards.

Our lead programmer, Richard Cui, did a great job coding almost everything, especially networking and UI: Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan

Our front-end developer, Diane Tam, designed the most beautiful GUI for chess game: Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan

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