Driving Directions

We use Mapbox's Navigation API to source multiple driving routes. We then rank them based on weather, letting the driver pick the best route to avoid bad weather.

Weather API Calls

We're using Dark Sky and Rain Viewer APIs to source weather data.

Displaying Routes

We use Mapbox to display routes and add information to the routes provided by their Navigation API.

Why this matters

Huge effect on economy and dangers to truckers that create the backbone of the economy. Useful for long distance traveling by car as weather is constantly changing you need to be able to change your route on the fly. Currently truckers have to spend time looking up weather and picking routes themselves but with this all built in one, it makes their job much easier.

Future Work

We'd like to improve our heuristic for ranking routes and we'd also like to add more custom logic to create and rank our own routes. Future applications could include routing planes around storms as well.

Built With

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