Hack@UCI 2017 Project - Browser Educational Terminal

For Students

Learn to code without needing to download or configure a thing!

Easy-to-follow lessons with helpful tooltips on features of the language make learning to code a breeze, while putting the environment in the browser saves you from having to install interpreters or text editors before you can start writing code

Save your work, or upload previously saved scripts so you never lose your progress!

For Educators

Add support for a language with a single Javascript file.

Add your own set of lessons with another single Javascript file.

Syntax highlighting, answer checking, and lesson progress are all handled for you!

Focus on creating quality curriculum for your student with a tool that allows you to rapidly deploy lessons, without having to waste time getting your students set up with the right software.

Take advantage of language specific tooltips to give your students in depth insight into keywords of your chosen language, while also harnessing the power to create your own custom tooltips for each lesson.

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