As an advertising app, we should find a way to improve user engagement in our app to make the app keep producing revenue. Since we are really enjoyed the integration between Spotify app and Uber Trip Experience, we want to leverage the Uber Trip Experience API to our app so that user can utilize their waiting time on Uber Ride.

What it does

As we have better information about trip context of our user, we can send targeted video advertisement based on user origin, destination and the length of their ride. We collect all of the data from Uber Trip Experience API and choose the most relevant advertisement that we can show to the users.

When user requests for a ride and get into the car, our app will receive state update about the trip, we predict the most relevant ads and then send notification/SMS to user's mobile app. By opening the link given on the message, user will be redirected to video player screen which plays the advertisement. When the video is complete, user will receive points that they can use later to get some free promotions such as Free Uber's coupon and etc.

How we built it

We develop Android application using Android Studio and provide several interface for playing the advertisement and check out the list of promotions or advertisements based on our profile. To get connected with Uber Trip Experience API, we develop backend system using Node.js framework and Mongodb database.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how Uber Authentication and Authorization works.

Accomplishment that we are proud of

We were able to build the integrated system within 22 hours. We used Android for frontend, Node.js app which is deployed to Heroku for backend system.

What we learned

Using external API requires a lot of reading task and hands on.

At hackathon, the usage of fancy technologies are not necessary, but the idea and its proof of concepts are. We need to materialize our idea into a minimum viable product to attract the judges or investor in the best way.

What's next for UberAds

We want to integrate all data collected from Uber API for improving our algorithm used for selecting the most relevant ads to a user. We also want to improve the UI/UX of our app so that user can feel better experience while exploring our app.

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