Bread & Butter

Find recipes you can make with the food in your pantry, and show nearby stores that have any of your missing ingredients!

We thought of this as a way to reduce the stress of figuring out what items you need to get to make a certain recipe, and maybe on a lazy day in, allows you to just stay in and cook something simple with what you have. It also helps to combat food insecurity as it helps lower-income individuals save more money and eat healthier by finding simple recipes for food they have, and in the case they want to make something specific, to also provide them with the cheapest options available to purchase the missing ingredients.

We have two parts to our app: one part tracks food items that we've entered into our database as our "pantry". A user can manually enter in each entry to the database, or use a speech-to-text option to tell the app what foods are being added. In addition to this, one can also click a button to find the recipes for dishes a user can cook with the food items in the pantry.

The second part of our app gets a recipe through voice speech-to-text and automatically shows the recipes and the ingredients needed to make the recipe. In addition to this, one can see the estimated price to buy the missing ingredients as well as which ingredients a user already has in the pantry.

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