This project's sub-parts had three primary inspirations. D2D was inspired by team member Austin's desire to know the distance between his current location and the country of Djibouti; this project was a chance to use the WC3 Geolocation API. RotMan Under Attack was inspired by Xavier Rotnofsky's moving HackTX 2015 call for an app. We took up the challenge, despite their lack of an API, and combined a head-tracking library with game logic. 50S^2 (50 Shades of Shade) was inspired by a conversation about shielding one's face from the sun with a smartphone.

What it does

The three sub-parts of this project are all similar in that they are fairly pointless. D2D tells you your distance from Djibouti, while RotMan Under Attack is a game where you play as Xavier Rotnofsky and move your head (in real life) to dodge bullets, preventing them from hitting Rotnofsky's head (in the game). 50S^2 is an Android app that shows a grid of different shades between black and white. You can select one of the shades from the grid to fill the screen with that shade, allowing for personalized sun-blocking.

How we built it

We used JavaScript for the web apps and Java for the Android app (50S^2).

Challenges we ran into

We do not know JavaScript.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

This was our first hackathon, so we are glad that we successfully completed our HackTX project!

What we learned

Learning programming skills before entering a hackathon is preferred.

What's next for the project?


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