November Sky

Running locally

  1. Start the testing server: node ts.js 8000
  2. Navigate to the website: http://localhost:8000/


  1. Click build
    • Click colored pieces on left to choose part
    • Click in grid to add parts to rocket
    • Yellow part is engine
  2. Click launch to launch rocket
  3. Click program to add code
    • Write javascript!
    • Click submit when done to start flying.
  4. Try to go as high as possible!


  • Teach basic programming
  • Useful [simple] algorithms
  • Open-ended
  • Make fun game


  • Go to space
  • Build rocket from random parts
  • Program rocket


  • Collect parts
  • Build parts on grid
  • Program controller using API for each part
  • Parts
    • Fuel tank
    • Thruster
    • Controller


MatterJS with Pixi for rendering

Built With

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