Our story begins in the fall of 2016. 5 freshmen from very different backgrounds teamed together to form the most intelligent, most API intensive application ever. We present to you, on this very day, SAFE.

Our application is designed to ensure the safety and security of you and your loved ones. It takes the form of both a beautifully designed mobile and web application to give users a beautiful and sleek experience.

What it does

Our application implementation is duplicated between the android and web application. The features present within both platforms are the same and are implemented in the following way:

  1. The user sends their data via GPS/location services on the Android app, or are asked for permissions within the Chrome Browser.
  2. The data is sent to the server, where it is processed and data is returned to the client.
  3. The client recieves a customized news feed of crimes, disasters, and weather data.

Challenges we ran into

We had big, big problems with Flask and Python. It was a humongous challenge attempting to create a webpage that implemented our python script. It was also a challenge, because we spent a lot of time attempting to VM through Amazon cloud services. We ended up solving it by directly running it out of our own machines. Furthermore, it was hard to find an API that provided a live crime feed.

How we built it

Python, with Flask, and JavaScript/CSS for front end, Android studio for android app.

What I learned

How to implement a lot of web features as well as frontend and backend Python Flask development.


-Facebook login, Google+ login

-Secure Sign in with 2FA (using twilio)

-GPS and Location Services tracking to pinpoint user location

;-Use of OWM API, Sigimera, BlueChasm, SpotCrime to recognize potentially dangerous areas with use of user location data and Google Map's Geocoding and Distance Matrix Features

-Use of twilio messaging API to alert user

-Creation of a separate weather feed for User interface experience through the OWM API

-Use of a referral technique to refer even more users to the system

-Importation of Android's contacts, which will also appear if the user chooses to log in to the web portion

What's Next?

We plan to implement more APIs and a job feed for volunteering using Indeed API as well as donations for family members and those in need.

Here are the APIs being used.

Openweathermap link

BlueChasm link

SpotCrime link

Sigimera link

Google Maps link

Twilio link

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