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People learn new things every day. Learning by watching videos is what we use when we do not understand a certain concept. Sometimes, lecturer on the video uses terms, concepts or formulas unfamiliar to the user. As a result, user has to switch between tabs and look for an explanation. This leads to extra work and poor focus during the learning.

What it does

We purpose a platform that makes this task easy and convenient. Moreover, it eliminates other sources of distraction and keeps the focus of the user undisturbed. We have built a website where user can search videos with educational content. Then, user can select one of the recommended videos and start learning. The lecture is accompanied by the script, which highlights difficult, unfamiliar or ambiguous terms. User can tap on it and see the related information as well as mathematical formulas, in case of too technical concepts. Since Hackture is a separate platform, it has an advantage over popular video hosting websites in a sense that it completely eliminates user-targeted videos from ones focus.

These are the APIs that helped us to build the service:

YouTube API

Rakuten API: Subtitles for YouTube videos

Rakuten API: Text Analysis

Rakuten API: Relevant Wikipedia pages

How we built it

We used Flask as a microframework which connects front-end and back-end. Basically, they communicate through REST requests. Youtube API is used to purpose lectures and Subtitles for Youtube API by Rakuten retrieves related scripts. Then, Text Analysis API analyzes the whole script to identify key terminology and concepts. Afterwards, the Relevant Wikipedia pages API is used to get the explanation and related formulas for the concepts.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges is the response time of several APIs. However, that could have been the problem of the internet connection at the venue as well. Another challenge was formatting the raw information that we get from the APIs or by crawling the web.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that we were able to define the problem, came up with an idea and managed to implement a viable solution.

What we learned

Since we experienced the complete development cycle of an application, all of the teammates gained valuable knowledge. Most of the teammates managed to learn and apply technologies that they have not used before.

What's next for Hackture

We hope that Hackture can become an all-in-one platform that provides educational material and references in the most efficient way, so that people can use their time more productively without any distraction and focus interruption.

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