Our Mission

Our team came together through the inspiration to create usable digital toys in the 21st century. We began our journey by experimenting with each unique device to uncover how we could integrate each item with an illuminating digital game while also maintaining the theme relating to lights. Through reverse-engineering and trial-and-error we realized fun, exciting and complex ways in which we could combine the progressive lighting and technologies with age old digital and traditional games.

Digital Dreidel

Our first idea was to design an illuminated MeU LED spinning Dreidel. This was executed by programming an arduino node (with potentiometer) to recognize digital input from a spinning top. Combined with a random number generator we produced one of the 4 hebrew letters along with text indicating the outcome of the spin.

Podracer Virtual Controls

Our next idea consisted of a game similar to Cube Runner/Podracer using the Myo accelerometer. We developed the hardware device to recognize the rotation of the user's forearm to control the direction of the racer. The end goal was to integrate the Lua programming with a simple tunnel view portrayed on the MeU and correspond with the Philips hue's strobe light effect depending on the direction of the racer.

Lightshow Module

We finished off our collection of products with a SparkCore Internet of Things lightshow module.

With technology continuing to improve and become more immersive, our goal was to bring digital gaming into an interactive environment using light and wearable tech.

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