One of our teammates is planning a hackathon called MVHacks, and we realized the need for hackathons to get sponsors, and the need for small companies to get their name out.

What it does

This site allows a company or hackathon to provide information such as: name, email address, website URL, money requested/sponsoring (depending on whether the user is a hackathon organizer or a potential sponsor), location, availability start date, and availability end date. Our site adds a submission to our database and displays it along with the companies' and hackathons' contact information (website).

How we built it

We never knew how to use any of the languages before starting this project, but with hard work we were able to learn how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Firebase and even fuse them together to allow the site to accept user input, save it to the database, and then display it on the screen in separate lists.

Challenges we ran into

Especially, with Firebase, we ran into time consuming bugs because it requires unusual syntax and we had mainly had problems saving data as arrays and retrieving the data. It was a bit of a struggle to make the Firebase code work with the code that we had written initially, but after a long 24 hours, we managed to make it all work!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With no experience with these languages we were able to build a working product and improve our own skills. We believe our idea is awesome and not only a potential first place winner, but something that we could follow through with later to make it the gold standard site for both hackathons and companies.

What we learned

Learning new languages is HARD. Plus, team work vastly improves the working experience as we learned by using cloud9, the collaborative programming platform, for the first time today :)

What's next for HackToSpons

As we continue to improve our understanding of these new languages we have just learned, we will continue to improve our site and develop it into the gold standard for both hackathon organizers and companies to contact each other in the sponsorship marketplace. In the future, we would like to add search features, allowing users to fitler the lists based on whatever criteria they choose.

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