When I go to hackathons, I always meet really cool people, and HackFSU was no exception. While working on my project alongside them as they worked on theirs, I thought that it would be nice to be able to get their contact info, as well as the contact info of anyone else I make friends with and have it all in a central location.

What it does

It stores user's phone numbers and emails and displays them on a profile page.

How I built it

I used Django, a Django library to handle friendship relationships, and fair bit of determination.

Challenges I ran into

Everything. I had never really used Django this way before, so there were definitely parts where I was stuck on a bug I didn't know how to fix. I eventually figured them out, though!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is much more than I did in the last hackathon in which I used Django. I'm pretty proud of that.

What I learned

I learned a little bit more about Django than I did before... I definitely haven't reached proficiency yet, but that'll definitely come in time.

What's next for hackTogether()

I have no idea. As of now, it doesn't really do anything you couldn't already do without just pulling our your phone and adding friends you make as a contact there, but ideally, a version of this app much further into development would have features that set it apart from other platforms. I really do like this idea, though if I continue with it outside of a hackathon, I'll probably rewrite most of the code.

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