Immediately from the beginning, we were drawn to the idea of having a more efficient conversation between sponsors and people looking for funding. One of our team members is part of the Quizbowl team at TJ. When he sent out 20 emails to sponsors, hoping to raise funds for their program, he didn't receive a single response back. So, we thought, could there be a better way to find sponsors actively looking to sponsor specific causes and clubs/organizations/events that needed those funds the most? That's when we came up with SponsorsList, a web application that narrows the focus down so both clients and sponsors always get the most relevant information.

What it does

SponsorsList creates a fluid, modern medium of interaction for people involved in the sponsorship field. Sponsors on SponsorsList, unlike on Youtube, get to pick and choose which organizations and needs they want their brand to represent. Clients get to appeal to an avid audience of potential investors that are actively seeking meaningful causes to advance. SponsorsList is different from all the other sponsorship websites out there in that it provides solutions for both short-term and long-term support with an experience uniquely tailored to the kind of involvement each party wants to contribute.

How we built it

This project was very front-end heavy as we had to focus on attracting potential customers into our site. In addition, we would have to host numerous web-pages and modules to help authenticate user information and access/store it for later use. This frontend incorporated the Bootstrap library (HTML/CSS), Javascript, and Firebase user authentication to create and store user accounts. On our backend, we used a Node.js server to communicate with Firebase, which we linked to the frontend, and our web/javascript front-end to display all the necessary information for a certain user and user type.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble representing our back-end in the front-end; since we were experienced in web development, we knew all the right steps to communicate information from our backend to various API's and services. Since we divided the front-end and the back-end among a couple different team members, inconsistent variables were our bane.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team came into this Hackathon with a bunch of web experience, so we're proud of the chance to capitalize upon our strengths while collaborating to build something useful and impactful. We're also extremely proud of what came out: we believe our website is well-designed and full-proof, incorporating everything we wanted it to do and coming extremely close to our ideal website. We have few regrets about the way we went about this project, playing to our various strengths and niches of knowledge (such as use of node.js, git, firebase, and bootstrap) to maximize how far we went. We had an awesome time building this website and enjoyed the time we spent creating something like this.

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