Innovation We are very innovative, because there is no other website that offers as much for children learning to code. While there are other websites that perform functions similar to ours, we present our information in a new and innovative manner that is easy to understand for all children interested in learning how to code, and prevents discouragement of coding interest. We hope that our web app can be a driving force in computer science information for the future.

Creativity Our website utilizes various platforms in order to provide an encouraging environment for kids to learn how to code. Children can log onto our website, with their data stored securely in MongoDB using Node.js, to enter a safe environment in which they can discuss with their peers about problems they may have while coding. In addition, we not only provide a platform to view tutorials to learn languages including Java, JavaScript, and HTML & CSS, but also a free Library and API, that we developed, that make coding in Java very simple for beginner programmers. Finally, utilizing a BigParser grid with their API, we developed a tool to provide an intuitive explanation of the error and why it is occurring.

Impact We hope that in the future, our project will have an impact for all students who wish to learn how to program without being discouraged. Computer programming will without a doubt be one of the biggest industries in the future, empowering many of the fields around the world, and the children of today are the future of the field. With our website, we are essentially helping the next generation of computer scientists learn and grow, so they can contribute in the future to helping our world.

Challenges Along the course of the making of our web app, we encountered different problems, that took time to understand, but overall were learning experiences. These challenges included setting up the Node.js server so we could store user data in MongoDB, accessing data from the Grid for our purposes from BigParser, and dealing with iFrame security issues. In the end, these challenges allowed us to learn more and make an even better web app.

Presentation We hope to present our web app in a hands-on way, by letting the user interact with the website. This will allow the user to experience the clean UI of the webpage and its numerous features. We look forward to presenting!

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