Students make small purchases every day, ranging from groceries to fast food. We integrated modern web design with a simple interface to create a platform aimed at helping to encourage better investing habits.

What it does

As our title suggests, we reward users for making many small decisions by aggregating the small amounts of change they build up and suggest investment opportunities to help grow their assets.

How we built it

Frontend - HTML and CSS with Bootstrap, all rendered with Handlebars.js Backend - node.js with AJAX, Blockstack, Alpha Vantage, Capital One Nessie, Google Cloud Vision, and JQuery

Challenges we ran into

Integrating all the APIs elegantly was a difficult logistical challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mastering asynchronous functions to perform our OCR with Google Cloud Vision Hosting a local node.js server when FTP with failed to be a viable option

What we learned

We gained experience with creating requests and managing and integrating APIS

What's next for HackTJ 2019

Expand the use of image processing Access real bank accounts to make secure transfers Set up custom-tailored budgets for individual users Set up a global domain

Built With

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