Current donation systems are broken. They make it easy for the website creator to setup but difficult for the user to actually donate to the website. Even websites that have donate buttons and use advertisements make little money, due to the ubiquity of adblock, and the often time consuming task of setting up payments turning users off to donating. GiveBack is a simple chrome extension that seeks to fix this, and put the burden of time on the content creator's side instead of the user's side, so users are more inclined to donate.

When a user first registers with GiveBack, a bitcoin wallet is created for the user, who can then add bitcoins to that wallet. Once money is loaded into the wallet, the user click on the GiveBack icon, enter an amount to donate to the owner of the website, and send that money to the person he or she wants to donate to.

On the content creator's side, GiveBack will do a whois lookup on the website, and send an email to the owner of the website requesting they set up a special endpoint on their site with a bitcoin address attached to it. Once that is done the bitcoin can be delivered successfully. The website owner only needs to set this address once, and all future transactions through GiveBack run automatically.

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