I've made browser games in the past and decided to make another. However, I wanted to do something a bit different from what I've done before, so I decided to make my game single player instead of local co-op (which I normally do). I also decided to store high scores (using Firebase) so that the player can see how they compare to others.

What it does:

retro_chase is a retro-themed browser game where the user tries to collect green circles with their cursor while avoiding the red circle. As the player's score increases, so do variables that control the red circle, which make it more difficult to avoid. The red circle can also consume green circles and increase in size, making it both more difficult to avoid and more difficult to collect green circles (as there aren't as many left).

How I built it:

I used HTML, CSS and vanilla Javascript to make this game. I also used Firebase to store usernames and high scores, which are displayed when the game ends.

Challenges I ran into:

One challenge I faced was getting the difficulty (i.e. the red circle's speed) to increase at a good rate. While building retro_chase, I felt that the game went from very simple to incredibly difficult (and vice-versa) when changing the variables that control the red circle and their relationships to the player's score. However, after lots of tweaking, I finally found a rate of increase for the difficulty that I liked.

What I learned:

Considering my previous games have all been local co-op, there was no need to implement high scores in the past, so this was my first time doing so. This was also my first time using Firebase, and by the time I finished the game, I felt confident that I could implement Firebase in another website in the future much faster that I did in retro_chase.

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