A Handy and Smart helper on Android:

Make your life easier and safer - Whenever you move

Design intention

  • background: daily use & special for the pandemic
  • use-case: helps regulate the daily health and safety of citizens
  • target users: lazy people who wants the phone to adjust itself to optimal state, and people who is in potential danger (Vulnerable groups, people at risk of acute illness, etc.)


This is a android application utilizing Machine Learning technologies to intelligently detect if a user is indoors or outdoors based on the sensors such as GPS signal noise, lightness, magnetic field and the number of active satellites.

Privacy Friendly

Based on this powerful machine learning model, we can get the indoor/outdoor condition without needing any sensitive private information.

Interesting Features

In the past 36 hours, we have developed three interesting features that is really helpful & practical in people's daily life, based on their indoor/outdoor activities:

Note that the features are highly configurable!

1. auto set phone status when shifting indoor/outdoor

  • Auto toggle the volume of phone in 3 modes as configured:
    • Silent mode
    • Vibration mode
    • Max Volume mode
  • Auto toggle the internet connection between:
    • mobile data
    • Wi-Fi

2. Push friendly notifications to users:

As configured, user can open an auto periodic reminder when they stay indoors or outdoors every several hours.

Example use cases:

  • Remind users to go out for some exercise if indoors
  • Remind users to keep social distancing if outdoors

No-Disturb Setting:

  • Smart: Will not try to wake up a user and ask him/her to go out for a walk when the user is sleeping at night!

3. Reminder++: Emergency Contact Mode

If user have registered his/her emergency contact number, this app can provide below services to save them from potential danger.

  • When the reminder rings, the user need to enter the correct PIN to turn off the reminder alarm
  • Send SOS message & current location to emergency contact, If one of the following 2 things happens, which indicates that the person is highly likely in trouble,
    • if no correct PIN has been entered in 5 min (configurable)
    • if trying to leave this app interface without entering correct PIN (including turn the phone off)

Example use cases:

  • Indoor: Especially suitable for people with potential risk of sudden illness and living alone
    • For example, some old people live alone can have sudden heart attack, cerebral infarction and etc. A timely SOS message can buy them valuable time to resuscitate an acute illness.
  • Outdoor: Especially suitable for people who have to often pass through dangerous areas alone
    • For example, generally people are always worried about walking at night in empty, accident-prone streets.
    • Some international students who lives far from family also have this concerns.
    • if the user encountered kidnapping, assaulting, etc, the PIN will play a role: the bad guy who doesn't know the PIN trying to turn off the alarm will trigger a SOS message.

What's next for MovEZ

  • refining features
  • improving the UX/UI
  • fixing bugs
  • trying to dig deeper into the several fun features we thought of when we were brainstorming before
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