To create chat bot that is available through different messaging platforms like Telegram, Facebook messenger , Skype. Teams etc. to find cheapest flight details between two places and hotel details for any place for given dates.

Nowadays people want results in very less time and no one want to browse whole website for finding information. So, There is a need of a platform which fulfills the requirements of An Automated Assistant which is available every time and which helps all customer in their day to day business need without browsing whole site.

To give customer all information at a single place, we come up with an idea of creating a chat bot, by using which user can find the flight and hotel details via chat interface. The benefit of creating a chat bot is, it is available 24x7 and it can handle all the daily business needs. We implemented Natural Language Processing in order to identify user intent and give appropriate answer.

The benefit of creating a chat bot is , it is available all the time and it can handle many requests. Apart from this we have to create the chat bot once and it is available to us in many omni channels like facebook, skype, telegram, slack, web chat, twilio, kick etc. So create it once and use it any where.

What it does

User will ask chat bot for flight or hotel details in his/her preferred messaging platform for given city and dates. Bot will reply best deals for given criteria. Bot also retains its context and it proactively suggests the user to book hotel with the same destination and travel dates. Hence, user do not need to enter the repetitive information again and it increase customer experience. The chat bot provides flight and hotel details and also provides the images of the hotels so user can see them and finalize his stay. User can also use voice commands to search the information. AS the chat bot is available in telegram, it can reach to many of the users and it is very handy.

How we built it

  • We used Microsoft bot framework V4 to create chat bot project.
  • We had used Amadeus Self -Service APIs to get data for flight and hotel information.
  • Used Luis to get intent of end user and train our model accordingly .
  • Used Azure to host bot project and LUIS project..
  • Add bot to different channels like Telegram, Facebook messenger, Skype etc.

Challenges we ran into

  • To convert user's intention into action using LUIS was challenge.
  • To get consistent results in different messaging platforms.
  • To retain the user's context and proactively suggesting the hotels for same search data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are able to get consistent results in different messaging platforms.
  • We had explored Amadeus Self-Service APIs during project and able to get right set of results that fits in our project implementation.

What we learned

  • Amadeus Self-Service APIs
  • LUIS
  • Context management in bot framework

What's next for "HackTheJourney-Travel Assistant Chat Bot"

  • We had used flight-low-fare-search and hotel-search API in project. we can integrate more APIs from Amadeus Self-Service APIs and Enterprise APIs to implement more functionalities in bot.
  • We can also implement the pust notifications for low fare alert for the channels like telegram.
  • We can also implement booking history and flight iternory in the chat bot.
  • We can also implement booking from chat bot.
  • Right now only few major cities of USA and Canada are supported in API. We can add more cities.
  • Users search pattern implementation can be logged and based on his search pattern we can suggest relavant information and make the chat bot more smart.
  • we can implement QnA maker api to answer FAQs.

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