-> Wanted to make something, anything with webgl -> Originally based around old games such as Doom

What it does

-> Renders a map in the style of an old ray-casted game but with hardware acceleration in the browser -> Allows for movement around the game world using two mobile devices

How we built it

-> With the webgl graphics rendering pipeline -> twgl.js to wrap tedious functionality (compiling shader programs, creating a context, managing some uniforms) -> javascript to script the game

Challenges we ran into

-> webgl is frustrating (especially for us 'gl noobs) ->

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-> getting anything rendered in the first place ->

What we learned

-> Don't use webgl for 24hr hackathons? -> Don't be too ambitious!

What's next for deranged penguins?

-> Perhaps not the penguins but we may build further on the level rendering technique

Built With

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