Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Team CommunicAid hails from 4 different states and 3 different time zones. While we are all black designers, developers, and engineers, we come from diverse backgrounds. Our parents are natives to France, Nigeria, North America, and Kenya. Additionally, our team has a mix between middle aged tech professionals and up-and-rising college students, both male and female. For our project, we divided work based on skill set and ability. Everyone did not receive the same level or amount of work, but we all played our part exceptionally well to the best of our ability. Together, we form a very unique, powerful, and innovative team.


This app includes the ability to make end to end messaging between two parties by creating a unique session that is embedded with credentials in a QR code. Libraries and methods used include AWS, REACT, CRUD application design, User Validation, User Authentication, User encryption, and Message Volleying. The project used several layers of new UX/UI design and backend technologies. We also partially implemented at this time, but soon the front and back end will be talking together with React and AWS.


The user interface is designed to be sleek and forward. This allows for easy access to the QR code in the mobile application, smooth redirection to the chat in the web browser, and easy readability of the conversation. Additionally, there is a uniform color scheme throughout the mobile application for visual appeal.

Adherence to Theme

Our project is a dual initiative to combat issues that come along with health and social inequality and equity. CommunicAid aims to break down that barrier that stands between conversation and safety. With the pandemic raging stronger everyday, it is critical that people protect themselves with social distancing and face coverings. This approach hinders the hearing impaired’ s ability to read lips or have close contact. As a result, the ability to effectively communicate is compromised unless someone removes their masks, leaving them vulnerable. With CommunicAid, the hearing impaired are able to engage in conversation without having to comprise their health.


During this hackathon, we all stretched ourselves. We worked with people we have never met under the unprecedented circumstance of a global pandemic. We have all dabbled in the role that we fulfilled, but never to this capacity and with this much of a time constraint. This was the first hackathon for half of our team and the other half only competed in two or three hackathons. This was Miracle’s first time creating a UI/UX design. This was Dan’s first time using REACT Native. This was Chris’s first time building a database in less than 24 hours and translations.


This is an original idea derived from hours of research and conversation. Each member brought unique ideas to the table and we were able to add and edit features as we went along. This being said, the project we began on Saturday is not the same project that we submitted today. We wanted to insure that our users had options when it came to how they are able to use the product. The QR code can be wearable on a wrist band or Apple watch. Also it can simply be used on the mobile app. Additionally, we wanted to ensure real time communication while also protecting privacy by making sure the databases are “clean” at all times.


CommunicAid is a product in the works. Our front and back end work separately but they have not been integrated to work within our prototype. Additionally, our prototype is functional and shows all of the elements that are available at this time. Moving forward, we would like to add features that include safety measures that allow for effective communication between EMS and Law Enforcement when necessary.





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