We wanted a more efficient and faster way of finding nearby events. We were inspired by Tinder's swiping user interface, which enables a more interactive application.

What it does

It is a mobile application that lets the user to go through events that will be happening in Edinburgh. The events are sorted from closest to furthest away depending on the device's location. The user can swipe left if they are not interested in the events. The user can swipe right if they are interested in the events, which will save the events. In addition, we also incorporated an extra button, so the user can click on to book the event immediately. This links to the booking page of the festival. Each event also has the price of the event displayed, with total expenditure at the top of the app to help them keep track of their financial spending.

How I built it

We used Flutter which is Google's mobile UI framework for mobile application. Our code is written in Dart for Android devices.

Challenges I ran into

We found that importing Android Studio was very time consuming at the start. In addition, most of us have never used Google's Flutter before, so we were learning dart as a new language. We found getting the Google API and Edinburgh Listings API provided by Craneware were difficult to try set up. We had issues with using the Google API for maps.

What I learned

We gained more experience in programming, and learned to program in Dart. We are more knowledgeable of the different services Google provided, especially Flutter.

What's next for EdiFest

For the future, we would like to include Google Maps to show the distances of the different events saved, also we would like to include Google Calendar, which will show all the events in the user's Calendar. We would also like to add budgeting, to track the cost of tickets. In addition, we could integrate other events from external sources (e.g. Facebook, eventbrite etc).

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