What it Does

Community essentially allows those in need to be reimbursed by generous donors for daily regular purchases. If the user is a donor, they can view all of the purchases that want to be reimbursed within their proximity using the Google Maps Flutter Package, and from that they will be able to select the specific purchase they want to reimburse. Once the donor selects the Reimburse button, using Stripe API, the donor is charged the amount of the purchase plus a small operating fee, and the recipient gets reimbursed. On the recipient end, the recipient simply scans a barcode on their receipt which sends a UUID to the app with all the necessary purchase information, and then they wait for potential reimbursements.


We were motivated to improve modern donation services by allowing people who require assistance within your community to obtain donations without the use of a middleman. This served as an excelled opportunity to give back to society and practice social good. Therefore, we made community, a mobile app that connects Donors to recipients within their community allowing them to reimburse recipients for purchases. This will ultimately make a meaningful impact for the members of the community who are struggling or going through difficult times and will help them realize that somebody is there to help them.

Technology Used

  • Django Rest Framework to develop API
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure App Service
  • Flutter for mobile app development
  • Firebase

Learning Lessons

Throughout this project, our team learned many lessons that had a significant impact on the processes of our work. We learned about the importance of having an Agile working environment in order to catch bugs and errors as soon as possible. We also learned a lot about Azure as this was the first time anyone in our team has used this particular service. At first, we did have trouble integrating Azure, however through trial and error we were able to successfully create a live server that deploys our API. We also had issues with Django migrations throughout due to slight errors in Version Control, but after discussing a formal process for which to push and pull code, we were able to solve these issues and deploy successfully.

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