"Music Mixing on the Fly"

Flyxer is a live performance music software made in Electron and the Electron Angular Boilerplate. It will allow for loop switching "on the fly" with an easy to use interface. Along with a large collection of effects to play and edit your sound.

Demo Tracks

The lovely demo tracks were composed by our awesome team member Alexis Luter, who is a member of the Bob Cole Conservatory Symphony.

Download and Installation

Please follow the installation guide here. This will allow you to download Flyxer on your computer, and start making grooves! (You can also use our Github releases to download an executable for any OS)


File Menu

File Menu

The File Menu is where you will access audio files on your local machine.

To open a folder, click the "Open Folder" button placed near the top of the scrollable folder menu. Which will prompt a folder chooser dialog which you can then choose a folder containing your files

Folders are displayed as: [Folder Name Here], and files are displayed by their file name.

Click a folder to expand it and enter it's directory, and click a file to add it to the Loop View described below.

Loop View

Loop View

The Loop View is where audio files will be played, looped, and manipulated on an individual basis.

Click the title of the audio to begin looping and set it to "Playing". Click the title again to stop it from playing and looping.

While the track is playing, there will be a counter that displays the remaining time left before the audio loops.

There are two sliders for individual track manipulation. Track Volume, and Playback Speed.

Track volume will raise or lower the track's volume as the slider increases and decreses. And the Playback Speed will increase or decrease as the Slider increases or decreases.

Master Effects

Loop View

The Master Effects are a collections of sliders that will manipulate the audio of ALL playing audio tracks

"Volume" will manipulate the overall volume of all audio playing.

"Playback Speed" will manipulate the overall speed of all audio playing.

"Delay" will add a delay effect to all audio playing.

"Reverb" will add reverberation to all audio currently playing.

"Lowpass Filter" will manipulate the frequency of the Low Pass filter that is applied to all audio playing.

"BitCrusher" will manipulate the amount of data points in the audio being played to distort the audio and give a "retro" feel.


Licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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