During an emergency, it may be difficult to reach out for help. Aid simplifies this by providing relief instructions as well as quick access to close contacts and emergency responders.

The instructions are simple.

  1. Take a picture or upload a picture of the emergency situation.
  2. The app sends back instructions on how to alleviate the circumstances as well as generating a summary of the situation and the user's geographic location.
  3. The user has the option of sending the report to emergency contacts or emergency responders.

This is especially useful in situations where:

  1. The user has limited mobility (injured hands, tremors, etc.)
  2. There are multiple symptoms or events occurring
  3. Multiple contacts are needed to be informed (to be implemented, currently only supports one contact)
  4. Relief and contact are both needed at once.
  5. The user is not familiar with his or her location.

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