Every hackathon, huge amount of participants face with problems of searching teammates and future managing these team, so we are trying to solve these problems by our app

What it does

At the entrance to the app, the user fills in a questionnaire about himself and chooses from two different scenarios. He can look for a team without an idea as a participant or create a team based on his idea. When user selects "Creating team", he fills the form with a description of idea and chooses necessary skills for his future teammates. Later the user is shown a visualised list of dossiers of all participants of a certain profession, where he himself selects his teammates, inviting them to participate in his team or not. If the user uses the participant's script (Searching team) without an idea, he simply waits for the invitation from the teams and selects the best one to himself. When the all processes is done, it is automatically creates a workspace into Twist

How we built it

During the brainstorm we created an idea which could help participants as us in the future hackathons. Djavid and Roman threw themselves backs into Android App development. In the same time Alex designed mobile front-end for our app and tried to make UX side of our project as comfortable for the user as it possible. Max was the thech guru. He built back-end part and a little bit of the web front-end part as well

Challenges we ran into

Exploring the Twist API was challangenging for us caused by its complicated architeture, design implementation took plenty of time because of unusual patterns used by our ui developer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Unity and consistency inside our team

What we learned

Acquired speed programming technique, first AWS experience

What's next for HackTeam

We would try integrating our application in real cases such as our local hacks in Russia and may be in MLH realities

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