Budget Maker Extreme


The project keeps track of monthly finances while storing all information in a .txt file. Upon starting the program this information is loaded either from the txt or inputted. If it needs to be inputted, the program will prompt the user for their salary as well as other fixed expenses in order to calculate the budget. From, here the user can modify based off of daily expenditures. These expenditures are also recorded. The user will be alerted when they have no more money left to spend in their budget.


Most of the issues we ran into were in the formatting, structure, and flow of our code. The team hadn't coded in a while so it took a long time to get back into the groove. We also spent an excessive time trying to figure out what we wanted to create.

What is next

Implementing web servers to save data along with implementing a UI

Things we learned

Using the right tools/languages for the task you are trying to do is incredibly important. It is better to learn a new language and/or that works well for your task than to force yourself to use a language you know. Try to come in with a plan and some knowledge of the tools available. Also, use the help they provide! Finally, plan better. We learned a lot of things that should have been obvious.


NOTE: The UI was not implemented (but was mostly complete) before the submission deadline. The entire program works by running the following code in terminal from this directory:

javac /be/budgetMaker.java /be/in/In.java java be.budgetMaker

budgeting software project

Step 1: COMPLETED make basic budget finding program Step 2: COMPLETED write budget to a text file Step 3: COMPLETED Add budget manipulation functionality Step 3.5: COMPLETED Add catch statements for all inputs Step 4: COMPLETED Specify income and expenses sources Step 5: Make a halfway decent UI?...

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