After attending many hack-a-thons we found that it was hard to keep in touch with the people we met.. further.. we couldn't even meet many due to being so busy all the time (think 36 hours no sleep)... So.. HackTag was born... evil laugh

What it does

It is a multi-platform application (existing in webapp, android app, and pebble watchapp forms) for instantly networking with other hackers in your immediate area! After signing up and performing a few configurations you can instantly network with those around via the power of BLUETOOTH (note: some assembly required... i.e. still in development).

How We built it

  • Orlando Bloom - Node.js Master
  • Jibril Burleigh - The Android Scrub
  • Ashesh Neupane - The Freshman
  • Charles Schultz - "What is a Pointer?"

Each of us focused on an individual task as indicated above and spent 24+ (rounding up) hours (half) developing a (mostly) complete series of applications! It has a few... missing components but is well on its way to becoming a masterpiece! (And is perfectly demo-able. ;) )

Challenges we ran into

  • Lunch
  • How do I C?
  • Going POST(al)
  • ... it's raining... it's pouring...
  • the power... OF BLUETOOTH!
  • Everyone is now tired (18 hours in; must sleep)
  • Not going to finish... but going to go out with a bang!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Orlando Watson - "Deployed my first RESTful api."
  • Jibril Burleigh - "I understand much better than I did 24 hours ago."
  • Ashesh Neupane - "I got to attend my first hack-a-thon and learned where am I and where I need to be two years from now."
  • Charles Allen Schultz II - "I can learn a programming language and an API in 24 hours and make something AWESOME."

What I learned

  • Orlando Watson - "How to deploy a RESTful api."
  • Jibril Burleigh - "Bluetooth sucks."
  • Ashesh Neupane - See previous header.
  • Charles Allen Schultz II - "... I need more sleep..."

What's next for HackTag

  • Everyone - "We're gonna finish it." \o/ ("Was there any doubt?")
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